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Essential HOA Information for Residents
We wish to encourage you to take an active role in your community! There are many committees that you can join and numerous community events. Below is some important information which we hope will be helpful and let you know more about the Stonebridge community.

This page contains the following sections:
    Homeowners' Association
    Protective Covenants
    Recreational Facilities

Homeowners' Association
All homeowners automatically belong to the Stonebridge Homeowners' Association. The Association holds its annual meeting at 7:30pm at the Emerywood Clubhouse on the third Thursday of September. At this meeting, residents elect three members to the Board of Directors and the Board then elects it own officers for the coming year. The Board of Directors consists of nine members serving staggered 3-year terms. The Board meets once a month at the Emerywood Clubhouse at 7:30pm on the second Thursday of each month. These are open meetings and all residents are welcome. The Homeowners' Association utilizes the services of an association management company. They can be reached at:
Stonebridge Homeowners' Association, Inc.
c/o Charleston Management Corp.
P.O. Box 97243
812 Salem Woods Drive
Raleigh, NC 27624
TEL: (919) 847-3003
FAX: (919) 848-1548
Representative: Jim Sharp,

Protective Covenants
The Stonebridge neighborhood is covered by a set of protective covenants. These covenants were put in place by the developers in 1978 and then amended in 1993 by the Board of Directors to protect the character and value of the neighborhood. One of the many committees is the Architecture Committee, which is responsible for the review of building requests to ensure they comply with the covenants. The Architecture Committee has put together a set of Architectural Proceedures and Guidelines as a reference for present and future homeowners. Any resident considering exterior improvements or modifications to their property is required to complete the Request for Architecture Committee Approval form contained in the guidelines.

Key Covenant Features:
Additions and Improvements: Article III of the Protective Covenants provides that "No building, fence, swimming pool, or any other structure shall be erected, placed, or altered on any premises in said development until the building plans, specifications, and plot showing the location of such improvements, have been approved in an architectural committee"

Appearance of Property: Article XII of the Protective Covenants provides that "Each owner shall keep his building site free of tall grass, undergrowth, dead trees, trash and rubbish and property maintained so as to present a pleasing appearance."

Vehicle Parking: Article XIV of the Protective Covenants provides that "Adequate off-street parking shall be provided by the owner of each lot for the parking of motor vehicles owned by such owner, and owners of lots shall not be permitted to park their automobiles on the streets in the development." Furthermore, Article IV of the Protective Covenants provides that All driveways shall be paved (concrete or asphalt) from street to each house including parking areas.

Boats and Utility Trailers: Article XIV of the Protective Covenants also provides that "Owners of lots shall not be permitted to park boats, trailers, campers and all other similar property on the streets in the development, and such property shall be parked in a garage or screened area."

Accessory Buildings: Article XI of the Protective Covenants provides that "No accessory building of any nature whatsoever (including but not limited to detached garage, storage buildings, dog houses, greenhouses) shall be placed on any lot without the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee"

Recreational Facilities
Recreational facilities in Stonebridge include two pools, a children's playground, two sets of tennis courts, a ballfield and a lake.

POOLS: There are two community pools located in the neighborhood. The larger is located on Carrington Drive and includes a dive well, a lap lane, a shallow area and a separate fenced baby pool. The Carrington pool also has a large playground area outside the pool area that's open year-round. The smaller pool, with a large shallow area perfect for small children, is located on Emerywood Drive behind the clubhouse. Use of the pool facilities requires a current recreation tag which are distributed to property owners each spring.

TENNIS COURTS: The neighborhood has six tennis courts. There are four lighted courts located in front of the Carrington pool. Another two unlighted tennis courts are located just to the east and across Emerywood Drive from the clubhouse pool.

CLUBHOUSE: The Emerywood clubhouse is used to host annual events and neighborhood sponsored parties that are open to all residents. It is also available to rent by Stonebridge property owners for private parties, for a fee.

LAKE: The lake and its parking lot are located on Brookfield Road near the intersection with Emerywood Drive. It is available for everyone's enjoyment and fishing. Please note that except for the path, the lake is surrounded by the private property of other Stonebridge residents.

The Homeowners Association publishes a directory of homeowners once each year. The directory is compiled from information collected by the Hospitality Committee. New residents should contact a Hospitality Committee member to have their family data collected. This information will be published in the Stonebridge Newsletter and it is then forwarded to the Directory Editor for inclusion in the annual directory. The directory is divided into sections. At the end of the alphabetical listings, you will find a list of families in street order, a list of children by birth year, as well as lists of children in the neighborhood who are willing to provide baby sitting, pet sitting and yard work services. There is also a list of the neighborhood block captains.

A monthly newsletter is mailed to all property owners. The newsletter contains information on new residents, organization information and current events as well as the minutes from the most recent Board of Directors meeting.

This is a list of utility and service providers for Stonebridge. This is intended as a reference for new residents and in no way implies endorsement for any of these companies by the Stonebridge Homowners' Association, Inc.

Electric service is available from Duke Energy.

Stonebridge is served by a network of community wells. The water system is owned by and service is available from Aqua America.

The vast majority of Stonebridge homes are served by private individual septic systems. However, there are a handful of homes that have sewer service provided by the the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department.

Natural Gas:
In general, natural gas service is not available in Stonebridge. Some of the peripheral homesites do have gas service available from Dominion Energy.

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