This is a list of utility and service providers for Stonebridge. This is intended as a reference for new residents and in no way implies endorsement for any of these companies by the Stonebridge Homeowners' Association, Inc.


Electric service is available from Duke Energy

Duke Energy


Stonebridge is served by a network of community wells. The water system is owned by and service is available from Aqua America

Aqua America


The vast majority of Stonebridge homes are served by private individual septic systems. However, there are a handful of homes that have sewer service provided by the City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department

Raleigh Public Utilities


In general, natural gas service is not available in Stonebridge. Some of the peripheral home sites do have gas service available from Dominion Energy

Dominion Energy


Service provided by AT&T and/or Spectrum

AT&T Spectrum